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Sentinel-2 MSI - Level 2A (MAJA Tiles) - Germany

This collection contains Sentinel-2 Level 2A surface reflectances, which are computed for the country of Germany using the time-series based MAJA processor. During the Level 2A processing, the data are corrected for atmospheric effects and clouds and their shadows are detected. The MAJA L2A product is available online for the last 12 months. Further data are kept in the archive and are available upon request. Please see https://logiciels.cnes.fr/en/content/maja for additional information on the Maja product. The MAJA product offers an alternative to the official ESA L2A product and has been processed with consideration of the characteristics of the Sentinel-2 mission (fast collection of time series, constant sensor perspective, and global coverage). Assumptions about the temporal constancy of the ground cover are taken into account for a robust detection of clouds and a more flexible determination of aerosol properties. As a result, an improved determination of the reflectance of sunlight at the earth's surface (pixel values of the multispectral image) is derived. Further Sentinel-2 Level 2A data computed using MAJA are available on the following website: https://theia.cnes.fr
Suggested Data Citation
German Aerospace Center (DLR) (2019): Sentinel-2 MSI - Level 2A (MAJA Tiles) - Germany, DOI: 10.15489/ifczsszkcp63
Yellow dots or areas indicate coverage range.
Geographic Boundaries
North: 55°
East: 15°
South: 47°
Time Period
Start date: 2015-07-01
End date: Present
More Information
Keywords: Satellite, Earth Observation, Multispectral, Sentinel-2, MSI, Level 2A, MAJA, DLR, Atmospheric Correction, Cloud Detection, Germany, Orthoimagery
Contact: geoservice@dlr.de
Access / Use Restriction: license
Data Use Guidelines The Sentinel-2 level 2A data distributed by DLR are based on Copernicus Sentinel-2 level 1C data, which are subject to the following license: https://theia.cnes.fr/atdistrib/documents/TC_Sentinel_Data_31072014.pdf
One of the following citations is mandatory for using the provided MAJA L2A product:
German Aerospace Center (DLR): Sentinel-2 MSI - Level 2A (MAJA Tiles) - Germany, DOI: 10.15489/ifczsszkcp63
Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data, processed by DLR, licensed under CC-BY 4.0
Mission / Project Information
Identification of tile IDs for Sentinel-2 https://sentinel.esa.int/web/sentinel/missions/sentinel-2
Identification of tile IDs for Sentinel-2 (note: Open tiling grid provided on the right column)
Description of MAJA L2A product (pdf) https://theia.cnes.fr/atdistrib/documents/PSC-NT-411-0362-CNES_01_00_SENTINEL-2A_L2A_Products_Description.pdf
Description of MAJA L2A product (pdf)
Description of MAJA algorithm and related reference https://zenodo.org/record/1209633
Description of MAJA algorithm and related reference
Theia platform for downloading further MAJA L2A products https://theia.cnes.fr/atdistrib/rocket/#/home
Theia platform for downloading further MAJA L2A products
DOI: https://doi.org/10.15489/ifczsszkcp63
Digital Object Identifier
Downloading Data
Map-based download (S2 MAJA) https://download.geoservice.dlr.de/S2_L2A_MAJA/
Map-based Download
HTTP download (S2 MAJA) https://download.geoservice.dlr.de/S2_L2A_MAJA/files/
HTTP download
WCS access: Sentinel-2 L2A CLM (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wcs?
WCS access: Sentinel-2 L2A FRE (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wcs?
WCS access: Sentinel-2 L2A MG2 (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wcs?
Data Visualization Service
EOC Geoservice Map Context (sentinel2:l2a:maja) https://geoservice.dlr.de/web/maps/sentinel2:l2a:maja
EOC Geoservice Map Context
WMS access: Sentinel-2 L2A CLM (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wms?
WMS access: Sentinel-2 L2A FRE (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wms?
WMS access: Sentinel-2 L2A MG2 (MAJA) https://geoservice.dlr.de/eoc/imagery/wms?