EOWEB GeoPortal version 1.8.4 now available

EOWEB® GeoPortal version 1.8.4 now available

EOWEB Geoportal is continuously improving to provide better user experience. The new version incorporates the following improvements:

  • Latest Orders: Improved message if no orders are found
  • Product Details: display of list attributes corrected
  • Shop cart is not cleared after order submission fixed
  • Message “No results were found”: Hint improved
  • TSX-Future-Product: Text on Button “Show Advancd Map” does not toggle fixed
  • Extended layer selection list in Map
  • Result table column configuration is kept for the user session
  • Fixed import of KML in advance filter map
  • Added redirection into data view instead of items view
  • Added “About” in Map Window tooltip
  • Fixed selection/deselection of all items in footprint view
  • Added search polygon (point) in results footprint view
  • Fixed display of location search results
  • Added new search: append to table
  • Added filters and EOWEB-NG queries import/export
  • Changed footprint transparency level and opacity
  • Added input form for order search to order monitoring page

EGP has been developed and validated using the highest possible standards. However, the occasional feature may not yet work correctly. Please send feedback which helps us improve the EGP interface and usability to geoservice@dlr.de. Requests regarding your orders should – as always - be addressed to dfd-orderdesk@dlr.de.