EOWEB GeoPortal version 1.8.5 now available

EOWEB® GeoPortal version 1.8.5 now available

EOWEB Geoportal is continuously improving to provide better user experience. The new version incorporates the following improvements:

  • GetFeatureInfo fixed for layers added via “+” to the map
  • EGP Collection metadata query resulting from Collection tree information was changed to consider URN only in keyword property
  • Added option to pre-select data and filter settings via URL
  • Removed uneccessary "AND/OR" elements from EOC Catalogue CSW queries
  • Added help page for presetting URLs URL Entry Points
  • Order details: error message displayed if an orderItem is no longer available in the EOWEB catalogue
  • Zoom level jumps in Map Search resolved
  • Scene Selection: Adjusted value of “Selection Box Lenght” to scene duration
  • After “Choose Range” products get immediately reloaded
  • Display area for Advanced Map enlarged
  • Added additional buttons "submit and cancel" to the Order Workflow

EGP has been developed and validated using the highest possible standards. However, occasional features may not yet work correctly. Please send feedback which helps us to improve the EGP interface and usability to geoservice@dlr.de. Requests regarding your orders should – as always - be addressed to dfd-orderdesk@dlr.de.