About EOWEB GeoPortal

EOWEB® GeoPortal (EGP) is the primary multi-mission web portal for interactive access to the DLR Earth observation data holdings. It combines classic discovery and order services with new browse and download features for data available via interoperable, OGC-compliant visualization and download services.

A new look-and-feel facilitates data search and discovery and the ordering process. EGP also supports TerraSAR-X future data ordering.

With the new mapping feature users can generate individual maps by adding, removing, and modifying data layers. For layers with temporal information, specific points in time can be visualized. Users can download complete data layers as well as customized subsets.

The former EOWEB Gateway will be operated in parallel to EGP, but will be phased out over the next months. Hence, users are encouraged to use the new portal. We welcome any feedback that helps us improve the system. Please send comments and requests for support to our EOWEB helpdesk