EOC EO Products Service

*BETA* Provides interoperable access to metadata from EO collections and products of DLR's Earth Observation Center (EOC). *BETA*
This is the landing page of the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog 1.0.0 service, providing links to the service API and its contents.

API definition

The API document provides a machine processable description of this service API conformant to OpenAPI 3.
This API document is also available as application/vnd.oai.openapi+json;version=3.0, application/x-yaml, text/html.


The search page provides a searchable list of all the STAC items available in this service.


The Queryables page list all properties that can be used in a cross-collection search CQL filter.


The collection page provides a list of all the collections available in this service.


The conformance page provides a list of the conformance classes implemented by this service.

Contact information

  • Server managed by Geoservice Manager
  • Organization: Earth Observation Center (EOC), DLR
  • Mail: geoservice@dlr.de