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Welcome to the EOC Geoservice

The EOC Geoservice of the Earth Observation Center (EOC) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) provides discovery, visualization, and direct download services for a selection of the geospatial data hosted by the German Satellite Data Archive (D-SDA). Based on web technologies and running on high-performance hardware large geospatial datasets can be accessed through the EOC Geoservice. To find out more, see the About page or take a look at the Geoservice Flyer.

Latest News and Announcement

Release of the Global WaterPack (GWP)

Posted on Dec 6, 2021 by Administrator

The Global WaterPack is a dataset containing information about the frequency of open surface water cover on a global scale. The dataset is characterized by its high temporal resolution of one day and a spatial resolution of 250 meter. The Global WaterPack Yearly layers (2003 to 2020) represent how often a location (pixel) was detected as open surface water during the corresponding year. The dataset can be visualized in the EOC Geoservice Webapp [1]. Further information on the product is available on a separate DLR website [2].